Message From the Founder

James Lamar

Founder and Host, Lowcountry Speaker Series

[email protected]

Dear Friends of the Lowcountry Speaker Series:

It is with great pleasure that we open our doors, with true Southern hospitality, to the inaugural Lowcountry Speaker Series season.

We are excited to bring the world’s finest thought leaders and storytellers to our community to explore new insights and perspectives with us. The idea of the Lowcountry Speaker Series was developed because of my desire to return to my birthplace and to provide a forum to exchange unfiltered ideas.

Information and opinions are increasingly diluted by the 24-hour news cycle and manipulated by the protective veil of social media. More than ever, people are looking to formulate educated opinions on important, timely topics. The Lowcountry Speaker Series brings global experts to the local stage to present a wide variety of subjects, from world affairs and politics, to business and economics, education, and the arts and entertainment. We hope you find value in gathering insights from those who are the most informed.

Our doors are always open, so please join us for a season of inspiration, insight, and entertainment.

Very sincerely,